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Let Us Show You Our Work…

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Ignoring The Obvious…

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Touring/Showing homes with a client should be fun, stress free and most importantly a fact finding mission especially the first time out. It is natural for your client to feel a bit taken back by poking and peeking through others home. It is obviously my job to do everything I can to make sure they feel as if they are welcomed and should take their time and try to picture their family growing there. Every website, magazine and or periodical says the same thing within the first paragraph… SELLERS CLEAN UP AND DE-CLUTTER your homes, there is nothing more disappointing then seeing potential in a home masked with personal clutter. While as a Agent, Builder, Renovator, and or Speculator I can see through mounds of unnecessary to find the necessary. Some families buy one house and stay there forever while others go through a few but that’s it!!! So seeing potential is a bit more difficult when you are not in the trenches daily. We had the pleasure to be accepted to show five homes yesterday.

Of those five homes….

  • Two were actually clean and in proper showing condition. (I am Thankful to these Agents/Sellers)
  • One had such a poor exterior, stuff all over front yard, and scared my clients away before we even exited the car. W ho knows the inside could have been everything they have ever asked for and more but we will never know.
  • One home had amazing curb appeal, a wonderful quiet neighborhood, a interior layout that was exciting and inviting. It also had a crazy amount of clutter from floor to ceiling and bad pet odors from a litter box. It is tough enough to get clients to feel invited without them running for the door from the odor.
  • Lastly I am not even sure where to start and or end but there quote should sum it up “I am going to have nightmares about this home”

Now I do understand a strong agent pushes their sellers to the limit when it comes to showings, pricing, availability and so on. So I am not pointing any fingers here but I have a new appreciation of show ready from yesterday!!!

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