Good With The Bad I Guess….

15 Jan

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So they started the layout/demo/construction for the Helipad along the river in Conshohocken. So the good here is that the Helipad triggers the highly anticipated dog park located behind the Londonbury Apartment Homes. They have really hit the ground running and brought out all the big equipment to make short work of the project. I am very excited to be able to live a stones throw away from a safe place to let my dog off his leash and stretch his legs with some of his buddy dogs…

With any development project complaints come pouring in from neighbors and onlookers. I am pro development for the greater good and I think this is a great example of taking a need and correctly placing it (flood Area). The major benefit from this specific companies need is obviously the dog park. HERE IT COMES GET READY FOR IT…. I HATE HATE HATE when developers – builders – property owners cut down trees killing them for no reason. I totally understand that the Helipad needs to be free and clear to be operational but these trees could have been easily removed and at a minimum attempted to be relocated.  I was a bit shocked yesterday when I took my dog for his afternoon walk and witnessed the trees being cut down. We are talking about 10′ Coniferous trees that wouldn’t take much to remove and place somewhere. I am assuming they have only been there 5-7 years if that and could have been easily removed or maybe at least offered to local landscapers or home owners prior to just being hacked to pieces.

By no means am I a “Tree Hugger”… But I do know we rely on Tree’s for oxygen, energy, housing, and on and on… So when I see things like this it makes me cringe and obviously complain as it is criminal just to be so wasteful and careless. I thank the company or companies that are doing the work for the end result in duke being safe and happy! But I sigh in the lack of caring for the trees that now lay on their sides dead!

Not the best pictures (IPhone will never figure out clear zoom) but they give the gist.




The Facchine Group
1207 Fayette Street, Conshohocken, PA 19428
Office:  610.828.9558
Cell:  610.721.7599
E Fax 215.558.1108

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One response to “Good With The Bad I Guess….

  1. Greg Berry

    2013/01/17 at 9:24 am

    Great post, Ernie… Norm couldn’t believe all the trees that were cut down. He could have pulled them down himself.


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