02 Nov

The old saying “don’t reinvent the wheel” rings true the greater majority of the time in Real Estate. Finding the perfect blend of proven techniques and cutting edge ideas is more important than ever. I was contemplating where was the best and obviously ethical playing field to test these unproven ideas without our jeopardizing our clients bottom line, ethical responsibility, timelines, relationship, etc… After much thought I have decided the best and only playground to test these new ideas would obviously be in my own personal transactions. Subscribing to the thought process of not asking others to do something I wouldn’t be willing to do this was the only choice. So I have become my own test subject in order to appropriate test and strategically  implement unproven ideas to the market place. This intimate approach to change has allowed me to find many truths in Real Estate while also feeling some failures.  While I rejoice success we scrutinize the failures to the point of obsession. So  takes the embarrassing failures, hick ups, and indecisiveness out of the transactions of our clients and into our own.

While change is sometimes necessary it isn’t always responsible… We are figuring this out for our clients daily and taking what succeeds to the market place and what fails on the chin.

Ask us about our Strategic Approach to Real Estate Buying and Selling!

Let us show you success, prosperity, and and most importantly UNPRECEDENTED SERVICE!


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