01 Nov

I had the opportunity to be invited to a pretty informative WEBINAR yesterday and the host made reference to the initials WIIFM. He said he changed his business when he began to look at things from the other side of the table and ask himself WIIFM.


I like the thought process as an agent in a service oriented business it is key to understand your clients needs, wants and expectations. I know I catch myself a lot of times trying to tailor situations to how I would like to proceed or what I feel is best. While my input may or may not be important in certain situations making sure I’m fulfilling Whats Important to my clients.

The host went on to tell us about specific SYSTEMS (Def. A systematic approach-Targeting a specific market with a predetermined result) that he implemented for the major lead generating avenues for Real Estate Agents. These specific SYSTEMS he developed were documented in great detail as to show the potential client a road map to successfully listing, selling, finding and or buying a home. When thinking about systems, time management, and client relations I feel as at least one of these three are usually over looked. When we as agents begin to overlook necessary pieces to our business it’s no different then (taking things back to my building days) when you build a HOME. The first 90% of the HOME is rough stuff that goes unappreciated and hidden behind walls, in floors and underground. With out a doubt this 90% is the most important part of a HOME and it wouldn’t exist without it. BUT it’s not what gets peoples attention!!!  It’s the glass back splash, the hardwood flooring, crown molding, special counter tops, closet organizers, etc… that gets people buzzing. No BUYER ever tours a beautifully finished home equipped with all the trimmings and tells their agent yeah my favorite part was the foundation, insulation and the studs. The Facchine Group understands that when we pursue, harvest and or incubate relationships with our clients its very important to focus on the 90% and then obsess on the last 10.
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