31 Oct

In the representing of buyers and sellers of REAL ESTATE these two words have a consistent presence no matter what side of the table you sit. The WHAT refers to the SELLER in… WHAT am I offering,  WHAT specific features do I have, WHAT is my square footage, WHAT is the location, WHAT kind of finishes, WHAT is my price point, WHAT WHAT WHAT. The WHY is going to refer to the buyer in WHY should I tour this house,  WHY is this house different, WHY should I purchase this home, WHY would I pay that price, WHY would I live there, WHY WHY WHY.

The LISTING AGENT if done correctly should be addressing both the WHAT and WHY prior to anyone touring the home. Making sure things are correct, clear and concise before you put the house on the market is the key. No different then in personal relationships a potential home buyer will judge the home on the initial encounter. Unlike years ago this initial encounter can come way before the physical tour of the home takes place thanks to the WEB. So now more than ever it is crucial to ensure all aspects of marketing a property are in line with the focus on the physical condition.

Maintaining your Focus on how to answer the WHAT and the WHY for the buyer and the seller will be the difference between a SOLD home or a SAD client.

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