Teaching Students Financial Sense is more DOLLARS then Cents…

25 Oct

I happened to stumble on an article that really made me think back and wonder…  The article (LINK ATTACHED BELOW) Courtesy of the Warminster Patch ( Titled “High School Students Get Dose of Financial Reality” highlighted The REAL Solutions Financial Reality Fair where students from Tennent, Neshaminy, Bensalem, Central Bucks East and Plymouth-Whitemarsh High Schools got to roll play life in the real world. The fair allowed students to pre-select a job that has a salary attached and go through monthly budgeting item by item. Students are allowed to select cars, houses, expenses, etc… once the students set their monthly budget they stop by a wheel of chance. This wheel represents unforeseen items such as car repairs, home repairs, tax returns, etc…  After the students run the gauntlet of budget preparation they then have a chance to sit with a professional finance associate sit how realistic their expectations are.
What a concept in Financial Preparedness and Forethought I believe that is commonly overlooked and set aside until it is usually to late. There really is not harder lesson learned then  Battling through Massive Debt and Financial Immaturity. I feel as if this initiative in Financial Responsibility by member’s of the REAL Solutions Financial Fair, PA Credit Union, TruMark Financial Credit Union and All that attended is one of change and being informed. Preparedness, Realistic Spending, Saving, Budgeting for Unforeseen and just being overall aware show’s that we have learned something from the past few years.

It is a true pleasure to see Financial Institutes putting the effort forward in hopes to ensure today’s youth are starting out on the right foot and are being informed on financial responsibility. I commend any attempt of turning Financial Common Sense into Dollars and Cents we can bank on.




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