Importance of setting a PRECEDENT!

20 Oct

It’s easy to walk clients through listing packages, it’s fun walking buyers through homes, it’s exciting to negotiate contract terms, etc… But one of the most important attributes a Real Estate Agent must have is knowing what really builds lasting relationships, lifetime clients, and client referrals. That important attribute usually shows it’s head when there is no check on the line, no package to present, and no terms to review. There is no middle ground here you either have it or you don’t and for once there is no grey area here. Showing clients the same level of attention, service, and commitment sounds like a simple thing to do right??? But when you have other listings, showings, settlements, etc… past clients can some how find their way to the back burner. Personally we do our very best to make sure that our keyboards are always chirping, phones are always dialing, and for anyone who knows me our mouths are always moving. Being successful in a service/sales industry you need to maintain a  certain lifestyle that requires you “ALWAYS BEING ON”!!! This is a business where the quote I don’t mix business with pleasure will have you broke, hungry, and sitting in the dark wondering why me! Being on requires you to turn strangers into clients, then those clients into friends, and then make those friends your REAL ESTATE FAMILY through “ALWAYS BEING ON” for them! Our goal is to find a happy balance here between proving ourselves to our new clients and maintaining that precedent with our current Real Estate Family.

Our Client Relationship Model is Based on “The Grows as it Goes” Thought Process.

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